i love mako so much holy shit

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Inside the Borrowers’ House.

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Ezra Miller for Paper Magazine by Autumn De Wilde
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psa: feminazi is a fucking disgusting term that compares fighting for women’s rights to genocide. 

it was coined by rush limbaugh (that alone should be enough to make you stay far far away from it)

it is a racist term, and it is disrespectful to marginalized groups who suffered in nazi germany (so jews, rroma, lgbt folks, people with disabilities, etc.)

do not use it. 

if you disagree with feminists: do not use it

if you are a feminist: do not reclaim it

thank you

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weekend getaway in Yosemite 

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Miss. Honey was a wonderful teacher and a friend to everyone.  But her life was not as simple and as beautiful as it seemed. Miss. Honey had a deep dark secret. Though it caused her great pain, she did not let it interfere with her teaching.”

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Blackberry G&Ts sound perfect for Labor Day.
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the red string of fate
an asian belief that says two people are connected by a red string that is tied together by the gods. these two people are destined to fall in love, become great friends or have a very good relationship with each other.
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Lake Attersee - Gustav Klimt

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Opaque  by  andbamnan